05-09 Mustang Wing Install
Written By: Glenn Moller

You may have wanted to install a wing on your Mustang but were wondering if this was something you had to take to the dealer to paint match, or perhaps thought it was too hard to do yourself. Well it's actually pretty easy.

The wing we are installing is on a 05 Mustang but the instructions can be applied to many model years. Most wings install in a similar fashion.

We ordered the wing pre-painted online. We provided the paint code and the wing arrived pre-painted with install screws and 2 sided tape. Ordering a pre-painted wing online and installing it yourself is probably the most cost effective way to get a new wing on your Mustang.

There are several places online to order one. We can say that if you order from a reputable company, that your wing will most likely arrive with the paint matched almost perfectly (we say almost because a perfect match is impossible unless you repaint the whole car), but 99% close.

The other option is to order a wing and paint it yourself or locally, but we went with the pre-painted option and our wing looks great.

On with the install !

Here is the Mustang with the factory wing. It's the 05 factory 2 pillar wing. We are going to be installing a Shelby style flat lip wing.


First thing is to open the trunk and look for the screws that hold down the wing. Above we can see there are 4 screws holding down the factory wing.


With a ratchet, simply remove all 4 screws. NOTE: as you remove the screws hold the wing as you do so to ensure it does not fall off. Our wing was screwed down AND stuck down with 2 sided tape so it stayed on despite removing the screws.


Here comes the most difficult part of the install (ironically). The factory wing is also stuck on the trunk by some 2 sided tape /adhesive. Take some fishing string between your hands and gently in a back in forth motion work the fishing line between the wing and trunk. This may take a while, take it slow.


After the adhesive is removed you can notice the wing lifts off. NOTE: Before taking the wing off, do the OTHER SIDE before removing the wing. The wing can snap in half if you just lift off one side while leaving the other side stuck down.


Here is the trunk with the wing removed.


Here is the left over residue from the 2 sided tape / adhesive. Here is the 2nd most difficult part of the install (hehe) taking some goof off or adhesive remover and removing all this adhesive. You can use alcohol or some kind of adhesive remover.


Once the adhesive is removed You can not test fit the new wing. Just lay it on there and test fit, then remove it and put the new wing aside.


Now you can prep the trunk surface for the new wing. In our case this meant a foam gasket where the bolt goes through and some electrical tape to cover the other hole that is no longer used in our application.


Now if your wing came with some 2 sided tape, you can START to peel the edges and leave them folded out as shown. DO NOT peel the entire strip, you will do that once the wing is positioned on the trunk.

Loosely tighten the new wing onto the trunk with the new provided screws. Again keep them LOOSE.


Move the wing into the correct position that you like. Once you have the wing in the correct and final position, you can grab the backing strips you folded out in the previous step and now pull them gently across to allow the adhesive tape to secure the wing to the trunk.

Now you can tighten the screws up snug. Not too tight, but tight enough. You will have a feel for it.

Another piece of tape on the underside to seal up the un-used hole for good measure.



Now enjoy your new wing !


That's it until next time... see ya on the street !

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